Success Stories

After several years of constant work, without losing heart, and having endless commitment and passion, Zeus Tecnologia S.A is now recognized as the largest Software producer enterprise of the Colombian Caribbean; the leader in the Colombian Tourism Industry and an imperative competitor both in Colombia and Latin-America. Specialized in the production of tools addressed towards the Touristic Commerce it actually counts with with more than 10,000 customers in 19 Latin-American countries and 300 employees. Zeus Tecnologia is also recognized by its drive towards the personal and professional development of their workforces, offering salary scales and constant investment in staff training, it counts with a pleasant working environment that makes it definitely one of the best places to labour in the region.

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From paper to the web: Automation of administrative and healthcare processes through the application of IT (more...)

In the world we live in, managing information is a vital practice when it comes to optimizing processes since it increases both the efficacy and efficiency of these. In this field, one of the events that has generated the greatest impact has been the emergence and utilization of the different latest generation tools and technologic platforms. Alas, this situation has represented one of the major issues arising the Healthcare Industry and its historic development, and, even today, institutions with no defined or automated processes can be tracked easily.

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VSI successfully outsourced all back office functions and technology, including software development, software maintenance, bilingual client support, processing and analytics for a Fortune 1,000 financial technology company and leading national provider of income, identity and employment verification services.

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