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Welcome to Welcome to CaribeTIC


CaribeTIC is an Innovation hub of the ICT industry, born from the will of entrepreneurs with a strategy focused on profitable growth for its members, the industry and the region. It offers the opportunity to integrate into a network of competitive talent at the highest level, to Universities, Support Entities, the State, the community and the leading Enterprises in the market..

What is an What is an Innovation Hub?


An Innovation Hub is created with the drive of supporting the development of innovation activities in the business network. Its purpose is to encourage and bring innovation to the companies in a specific territory, promoting regional development and competitiveness. There is a vast variety in the types of Innovation Hubs, the most interesting ones within them are Clusters and Innovative Business Groups. Both types are agglomerations of companies in a given geographical location, engaged in similar or related activities, based on the intensive application of knowledge and which have a clear institutional momentum built on public-private partnership.


Nowadays, these innovative environments are strategic points of relationship between the companies and the agents of the innovation system, such as research institutions, universities, business associations, financial and venture capital groups, innovation agencies, among others.

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